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2468 Kids is a line of goods and apparel featuring subject matter often reserved for boys — like space rockets, dinosaurs, and robots — reimagined in a way that can be appreciated by all kids!

We believe that celebrating the interests that children develop as they grow can help them feel supported as they get older. Kids love what they love: let's encourage that!

It is our hope that 2468 Kids pieces inspire action and imagination. So... let's play!

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Rachel Arnold Sager and her daughterHello! My name is Rachel Arnold Sager. I’m the one behind the design and production of everything you see for 2468 Kids. I was an art director for more than a decade, then chose to begin freelancing my design and illustration services when my daughter was born in 2013. 

2468 Kids came about when I was shopping for children’s clothes and became frustrated with the selection available to my little girl. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with princesses and rainbows and unicorns - we love those too - but she also likes construction equipment, dinosaurs, robots, outer space… and while I don’t mind shopping in the “boys'” section, the red and navy and greens didn’t vibe with her pink tutus and purple sparkle shoes. Did I mention I’m a designer? Color palette is very important to me!

But more than that, it was a real wake-up call to how we subtly guide girls (and boys) into certain interests and categories. I want to support our kids in a way that turns them into confident and empowered adults; I think others want to do the same. One way we can do that is by letting them guide their own passions. 

So I make shirts, artwork, and accessories that fill the gap left by major retailers. I know these are small items in the busy day-to-day life of a child, but I also know that kids become enamored with small things on a regular basis. And that many small changes lead to big changes. I’m hoping we're a small part of a big change. 

Here’s to supporting our kids and the things they love. From my family to yours, thank you so much for stopping by 2468 Kids!

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2468 Kids is a part of Second Block Studio, LLC.

Editorial and model photos by the very talented with Lexi Shapiro/POSE PGH!